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About Us

HENCE DO BRASIL Ltda is a global oriented manufacturing company to supply market demands of highest quality wooden doors made from Brasil´s well managed pinus forest. Our facilities offers the very latest in design and technology in wooden doors compatible with nearly every architectural custom made styles.

The company is situated in southern Brazilian State of Santa Catarina, in a small sheltering city called Forquilinha where our plant takes 36.000 sq. meters on a special reserved industrial area near the town, 300 kilometers far from Itajai main port of Santa Catarina state. This, permit us to have a reliable delivery service, fast and safe, that always meets the agreed deadline.
The monogram HENCE comes from of the initials of the given names of its four partners in the society. Among then, Mr Edson Votri took place at the company as the chief encharge office in regard his wide international experience on millworks and his ability to command a high quality workmanship team committed to supply our customers with a product made from a superior quality timber. In addition, up to date machines enhance flexibility to our new plant to manufacture specific designs for each market area, considering new and inovative models.

Thus, we at HENCE are proud to export our top quality products to countries around the world including England, USA, Israel, Spain and the Caribbean's among others.

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